Welcome to the Center for Psychological Sciences at Zhejiang University


  • Liezhong Ge, Ph.D.

    Research Interest: Human-computer interaction, facial recognition, user experience, usability

  • Jian Wang, Ph.D.

    Research Interest: Motion control, multisensory integration, muscle fatigue, EMG, interaction design, health engineering

  • Huagen Wan, Ph.D.

    Research Interest: Human computer interaction, Human machine interface, Virtual reality

  • Jie Xu, Ph.D.

    Research Interest: Augmented cognition, Teamwork, user-centered design, emotion in decision-making, trust in technology

  • Xiaoqing Gao, Ph.D.

    Research Interest Visual Development, fMRI, Face Perception

  • Shanguang Chen, Ph.D.

    Member of the international academy of astronautics Expert in space medicine and engineering

  • Xiuying Qian, Ph.D.

    Research Interest: Cognitive Psychology, HCI-User EX,Psychology research based on big data analytics,Vision-hapic integration,Sub-liminal Processing

  • Peng Liu, Ph.D

    Research Interest:Human Factors and Ergonomics, Engineering Psychology, Human-Computer Interaction, Psychology of Safety and Risk.

  • Zhiguo Wang, Ph.D

    Research Interests: Human factors/engineering psychology, human-computer interaction, attention and eye movements, computational neuroscience

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