Welcome to the Center for Psychological Sciences at Zhejiang University


  • Xianliang Ge

    Research Interest:Designing intelligence interation system base on human state recognition; Contact:0571-88273130;0918082@zju.edu.cn

  • Zizi Wu

    Research Interest:Cognitive psychology; Contact:0571-88273661;0918449@zju.edu.cn

  • Jiahao Li

    Research Interest:Human-machine interaction; Contact:0571-88273661;ljh07131993@zju.edu.cn

  • Shen Dong

    Research Interest:Selection and training of tactical personnel,Team stress coping;Contact:0571-88273661;dsdexter@zju.edu.cn

  • Jiaye Cai

    Research Interest:Human machine interaction; Contact:0571-88273661;0919786@zju.edu.cn

  • Ruoyu Niu

    Research Interest:Interpersonal social interaction,Movement coordination; Contact:0571-88273661;nry1995@126.com

  • Shan Liu

    Research Interest;Autistic traits;Contact:0571-88273661;13235966023@163.com

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