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Research areas

  • Stress brain mechanism

    Staff and teams in hospitals, nuclear power plants, aerospace and other fields need to work effectively while under great stress (stress).The center uses neuroergonomics to explore the psychological and behavioral patterns of people under stress, and to guide the design of a more efficient and safe working system.

    Digital Person

    In the design of complex workspace, designers often need to test the design before making the physical model to ensure its feasibility and safety.This requires a precise digital mannequin.The center is dedicated to developing digital people who match Chinese human parameters to assist in the design of defense programs and consumer products.


  • Professor Liezhong Ge published an article at 'i-Perception'

    The Effect of Romantic Relationships on the Evaluation of the Attractiveness of One's Own Face

    Professor Jie Xu published an article at 'The American Journal of Surgery'

    The influence of stress responses on surgical performance and outcomes: Literature review and the development of the surgical stress effects (SSE) framework.

    Professor Changxu Wu published an article at 'PLOS ONE'

    An investigation of perceived vehicle speed from a driver's perspective


  • 16 channel multi-function wireless surface electromyography acquisition and analysis system

    ​16 channel surface electromyography plus 48 channel acceleration acquisition and analysis system. The sensor with motion artifact suppression (patent) can move freely. The EMG sensor and the 3D acceleration sensor are mixed on the same sensor, and this revolutionary mixed EMG/ movement provides an unprecedented combination of data in a reliable way. Its new design has the unmatched high quality performance expected by the product, and it can also record the noise source in a software package.

    Three dimensional motion acquisition and analysis system

    It can accurately capture and analyze the trajectory of the object and provide technical support in the indoor and external environment. The Qualisys 3D motion acquisition and analysis system is composed of several digital motion capture cameras, analysis software, acquisition unit, calibration equipment, marking ball and equipment fixtures, which can be tested synchronously with the external devices such as dynamometer and electromyography.

    Three-dimensional dynamometer

    This is a multi-component aluminum plate dynamometer with high cost performance. It can measure gait,ground reaction force in equilibrium analysis,torque and pressure center. This dynamometer is mainly used in gait, balance analysis and basic sports technique diagnosis. The 9260AA6 is an internal amplifier, which can be used synchronously with all commonly used kinematics and Biology (EMG) acquisition and analysis systems.

    Tobii glasses eye tracker

    Tobii's new generation of eye tracking system provides a leading non-contact eye tracking solution. There is no need to wear any headgear or head, nor need an external eye motion camera.The eye movement monitor and display are integrated to make the eye movement test complete and natural. Tobii adopts the new technology and design concept of innovative research and development. It provides high experimental efficiency and tracking quality.

    SMI glasses eye tracker

    ​SMI ETG is specially designed to capture the natural gaze of the subjects in real time. This technology has been verified by more than 100 000 users under extreme conditions, providing excellent stability, portability and ease of use in a wide range of real-life scenarios. The software development toolkit and a variety of special application modules have achieved the SMI leading group of wearable eye tracking technology.

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