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"Center for Psychological Sciences at Zhejiang University (CPS)" is one of the interdisciplinary research institutions in Zhejiang University specializing in engineering psychology, brain, psychology and behavioral science research. The center possesses the right to grant master's/doctorate in psychology and a post-doctoral research mobile station,were listed as an important construction project of Zhejiang University's "First-class science backbone basic discipline construction support plan" in 2016. The research center currently has 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 academician of the International Academy of Astronautics, 4 professors and associate professors,3 reserachers" Hundred Talents Program " of Zhejiang University, and 13 full-time researchers such as postdoctors and scientific assistants. The center hired academicians such as Academician Xiaowei Tang, Researcher Kan Zhang, Researcher Shanguang Chen, Researcher Ming Fan, Researcher Yanmin Zhang and Professor Chongming Wang to serve as members of the Strategy Advisory Committee. Center's first director is Academician Shengming Ma.

CPS has main research directions such as brain and artificial intelligence, intelligent human-computer interaction and intelligent human body enhancement. It has brain and cognition, neuro-ergonomics, intelligent display and control, intelligent human-computer interaction, workload and human body enhancement, sensory and Professional laboratories such as motion control and advanced brain and psychological science equipment and detection technology platforms. Over the past three years since its establishment, the center has undertaken research work on major horizontal projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Key R&D Program, the China Astronaut Research and Training Center, and Huawei. Intelligent human body enhancement technology and other research fields have formed obvious advantages and characteristics.

CPS adheres to the scientific research spirit of "independence, openness, cooperation and innovation" and the scientific and industrial integration development concept of "S (scientific research)-T (technical innovation)-P (product research and development)" to build a world-class psychology Scientific cross-disciplinary research institutions are targeted. Through the National Outstanding Youth Fund, Outstanding Youth Fund, and “Hundred Talents Program”of Zhejiang University, many channels, cross-disciplines, and efforts are made to introduce outstanding subject leaders and young scholars,and carry out psychological science theory, engineering technology and practical application research. We sincerely welcome all experts and scholars to join us to create a better future for psychological science research!

Administrative framework


Strategic advisory committee

  • Chongming Wang
  • Kan Zhang
  • Yanmin Zhang
  • Shanguang Chen
  • Ming Fan
  • Xiaowei Tang


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    Collaboration:UX Human Factors Research

    the team of Professor Liezhong Ge of the Center and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. signed the "Huawei-Zhejiang University UX Human Factors Research Joint Innovation Project Framework Contract".

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    China General Nuclear Power Group visited the Center for Psychological Sciences at Zhejiang University

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    The ergonomics experts of aviation industry 615 came to our center for research

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    HUAWEI experience-design department (Shanghai) visited the center for Psychological Sciences at Zhejiang University

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